We are a group of year 2 students from Master in Visual Art, Baptist University of Hong Kong.

Sensational Sound Path is a project initiated us to invite a group of Sham Shui Po insiders, including residents and shop owners. We attempted to explore Sham Shui Po by making interviews and recordings around the area, leading our users to an alternative way to look at this amazing area. Our sound clips are in a variety of choices. They can be ambient sound or interviews with dwellers. You may combine them into a series of playlist and make it your own journey of exploring Sham Shui Po.

Our icon and overall logo design is based on the cadence of that specific sound recordings. They are unique and yet representative. By simply clicking onto the icon, you are able to listen to a clip of sound, also to know the address of where the clip was recorded. We also divided the clips into various categories which allow you to have a basic concept of what you are going to listen. However, if you cannot figure out the exact meaning of the place, we cordially invite you to visit here and look for your own Sham Shui Po story.


Sensational Sound Path是一個由深水埗居民及區內市民帶動的聲音網頁。我們從不同的區內人士搜集資料,將他們推薦的喜愛的轉化為聲音記錄,讓用戶以嶄新的方式發掘深水埗一帶。




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